Hey! I’m Nicole.

I started Fit-Foundations as a blog to educate and inspire women to build healthy habits and ditch the extremes. I believe health and fitness should support your life’s mission, not be a burden to it.

Fit-Foundations has grown into a community and movement as a sustainable real-life approach to weight loss and healthy living.

As for me?

I grew up as an athlete and carried that through college. Being active was always my thing, until organized sports came to an end. I had gained over 15 pounds real quick and didn’t feel healthy.

For years I struggled with my body image and obsessive behaviors with food. It was a constant struggle and I didn’t know how to get out of it.

I wanted to feel good about myself on a daily basis without thinking about how many minutes on the treadmill I would have to do for eating a “fun size” snickers.

Shoot, my college degree was in Exercise Science for goodness sake, why couldn’t I get this right?

I quickly learned that being “healthy” wasn’t just about the workout.

When I really started taking a comprehensive look at my mindset, nutrition, and fitness things completely shifted.

I now LOVE my body, am proud of it’s capability, and am happy to fuel it with food that gives me energy. I can still eat all of the things I love, without having to sacrifice my lifestyle or feel guilty.

I now love helping my clients simplify their approach, find what works for their life, and push them to be their healthiest, strongest self without the extremes.

Where are you on your health and fitness journey? Let’s connect!